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Golf Transformation

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Student Centered, Science Based, Coach Driven Programs

I follow a four step process of Assessing your goals, time commitment and natural movement patterns, Align your body and clubs to produce your natural and most consistent ball flight, Design improvement program and guarantee you'll improve or I'll keep coaching you to reach your agreed upon goal.

$99 90-Minute Discovery Session

Tuition will be $149 after May 1st

There is no such thing as the perfect swing, but there is a perfect swing for you!
We ASSESS your movement patterns and shot making skills, short game ability, and equipment and set makeup. ALIGN your body and clubs.  We DESIGN improvement programs based on your assessments and guarantee that you will IMPROVEor your money back! 

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Junior Programs

Do you have a junior that is aspiring to play high school or college golf? I've helped hundreds golfers make their team, qualify for state and 60+ golfers earn college scholarships.

Contact us for a free 30-minute assessment or $99 90-Minute Discovery Session.

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Club Fitting For Every Club In Your Bag

We believe your equipment should complement your golf stroke, not complicate it. While it's usually not the first place we start, clubfitting can dramatically influence the way you make your natural swing. We use a data driven process with our Flightscope launch monitor which valuable feedback to dial in your equipment.

We proud certified fitters for Taylor Made, PING, and SeeMore Putters.

We offer Free 15-minute junior clubfitting for US Kids Golf Equipment for juniors ages 4-15.

Schedule a clubfitting session by calling 952/401-4653 or they are included in any package of three or more lessons. 



7 Reason’s Why You Should Choose Brad Pluth's
Golf Achievement’s Coaching System:

1. Tailored programs to find your natural movement patterns and most natural, powerful and consistent swing!

2. We help you play without pain! By discovering your natural movement patterns, you can play pain free golf.

3. You will learn there are “Six Ways to Improve at Golf.” It’s not all about your posture, grip and alignment!

4. You will see measurable improvement utilizing simple skills assessments – guaranteed! Track record of progressing
players from all ages and ability levels.

5. You will see how ongoing technology and resources support will enhance your training and understanding.

6. 10-10-10 Program- Take 10 strokes off your score, hit the ball 10 yards farther in 10 weeks!


7.  Guaranteed results or your money back! If we do not reach your goals in the agreed upon amount of time and we’ve both
honored our commitments, I’ll continue to work with you for free until you reach your goal.